Monthly Civil Accounts

Monthly Civil Accounts is a report showing the Receipts and Payments of the State Government together with the Opening and Closing Cash Balance of the Government. The receipts and payments details are shown Major Head wise indicating the figures for the current month and the progressive figures along with the Budget Estimates. This report is compiled from the ‘Main Accounts’ sent by the various Treasuries, Pay and Accounts Officers, Public Works, Forest and R.E.S. divisions, Agricultural Engineering Workshop and it includes Settlement Accounts. The monthly civil accounts is submitted monthly to the Deputy Secretary, Finance Department of the State Government by the Accountant General up to 25th of the month succeeding the account month in prescribed form AC-31. For e.g. 02/2020 accounts report was submitted to the State Government on 24th of March 2020. Through this report, the Government will be able to discern its financial position alongside the transactions relating to various functions.