Service Book/Register: The Service Register is the main document in support of the service rendered by the Government servant and also in determining the emoluments to be considered for calculation of pensionary benefits. Hence, the forwarding authority should ensure that the Service Register is complete in all respects. Further, he should check and ensure the following.

  1. Type of appointment and the authority under which appointed should be noted.
  2. Whether the service of the Government servant from commencement to the retirement is continuous and recorded under proper attestation.
  3. The Date of Retirement/Date of Death of the Government servant is recorded.
  4. All the breaks in service are regularized as leave, joining time, etc.
  5. If the Government servant was placed under suspension, the periods of suspension are regularized as duty, leave or as period of suspension treated as such, and entries made quoting orders of the competent authority.
  6. Pay fixation details (other than normal increments accorded) should be noted quoting the orders of the competent authority.
  7. If the Government servant was granted any extension of service, the same should be recorded in the Service Register under proper attestation.
  8. All official documents required as proof of Service, if any, not in the regular line of Service, have to be forwarded to enable the counting of such service for pensionary benefits.
  9. If any re-employment was made before sending the pension proposals to Accountant General (A&E) full details may be noted.
  10. Whether the nomination for gratuity submitted by the Government servant has been attached to the Service Register.
  11. Whether anticipatory pension/DCRG sanctioned to the retired Government servant have been recorded in the Service Register under proper attestation indicating the rate of pension and period. The amount as Anticipatory DCRG should also be recorded.
  • Duplicate Service Register maintained as per Orders contained in O.M. No. GAD 64 MAR 71 Dated 19.1.1972 when the Original Service Register is misplaced or lost has to be forwarded with the necessary recordings/certificates as per O.M. No. FD 41 SRS 73 Dated 6.6.73.
  • In addition to the above, the following information has to be recorded in Service Register in the following cases: (i)Grant-in-aid institutions - necessary certificates as per Grants-in-aid code duly countersigned by the competent authority.
  • Voluntary Retirement under Rule 285 - Sanction Order and date of relief duly attested.
  • Invalid Pension - Medical certificate and sanction order to be enclosed and date of relief has to be recorded.
  • Compulsory Retirement -Orders of competent authority indicating the rate of pension to be paid has to be enclosed.
  • Work charged and Contingency paid servicewhere a portion of service is work charged or paid from the contingencies either on daily or monthly wages or fixed scales of pay, orders of regularization/absorption should be specifically entered under proper attestation. The relevant orders, in support of such regularization/absorption should invariably be noted in order to extend the benefits under Rule 248A and 248AA of KCSRs.