For Retiring Government Servants

  • Please submit pension application at least 18 months  before retirement to the Pension Sanctioning Authority
  • Please obtain an acknowledgement of submission of application of pension from the Department
  • While submitting applicationPlease provide
    • Employee ID
    • Mobile number
    • Email ID
    • GPF account Number
    • Aadhar card No
    • Correct address for communication
  • First payment of pension shall be through the treasury from which the pay and allowances were drawn before retirement
  • Please indicate your willingness or otherwise for commutation of pension
  • Please mention your name correctly in the application as it is in the Service Register

In Descriptive Rolls

Please ensure

  • Single photo is affixed
  • Joint photo with spouse (if spouse is alive).
  • Ensure attestation by state Government gazetted officer across the photo
  • Attestation is also to be done at the end of descriptive rolls
  • Append Specimen Signatures

For nomination please ensure

  • It is done in favour of  family members only
  • share of gratuity payable to family members is indicated
  • the contingency in which the nomination becomes invalid is mentioned
  • mention address of the nominee
  • Nomination date is given in words
  • Witness signatures are included.

Family Details

  • Mention the names of all children including married,  widowed and divorced daughters and dependent parents 
  • Date of birth of all the members
  • Employment details of the above
  • If there is any physically handicapped/mentally retarded child the same should be mentioned in the remarks column
  • If there is any such child a guardian is to be appointed by the parent to facilitate such child to draw family pension after the demise of parents.

Facility for Advance authorisation of family pension

  • Available for spouse and disabled children only

For Pensioners

  • Please claim pension within 3 years from the date of issue of authorisation, if not  fresh sanction is necessary
  • No need for producing personal copy of authorisation to take the payment
  • If the Gratuity is not claimed within 3 years, it has to be revalidated by AG
  • Please furnish the details regarding handicapped children, unmarried, divorced, widowed daughters through the Department if not submitted earlier
  • Please quote the file number/PPO number/IVRS No for any enquiry
  • No advance authorisation of pension for  dependent parents, unmarried (beyond 25 yrs of age) / widowed / divorced daughters
  • Please ensure submission of Annual verification certificate (life certificate) to the Disbursing authority in time
  • Restoration of commuted portion of pension
    • Approach the Disbursing Authority in case of superannuation / invalidation retirement
    • In case of Voluntary retirement – submit affidavit to this office in the prescribed proforma