• Issue of Retirement Benefits within two months of receipt of the cases complete in all respects.
  • To address the concerned authorities in respect of deficiencies and defects within one month; and, to keep the beneficiaries informed of such action.
  • To acknowledge receipt of all complaint cases within one week in respect of hard copy complaints to CAG /AG .
  • Auto acknowledgement for all e-mails and Online grievances on downloading.
  • To furnish final replies to complaints relating to retirement benefits within two months of their receipt.
  • To furnish final replies to correspondence relating to discrepancies in General Provident Fund accounts within three months of receipt.

Reasons for Non settlement of GPF cases on Retirement / Death

Timelines for GPF Work

Sl No. Item of Work No. of Days from the date of receipt in this office
1. Settlement of FW Cases 30 Working Days
2. Settlement of RB Cases 30 Working Days
3. Clearance of Regular Correspondence 30 Working Days
4. Clearance of RTI Letter 30 Working Days
5. Clearance of Complaint 30 Working Days
6. Clearance of Online Grievances 30 Working Days
7. E-mail queries 15 Working Days

  • Non receipt of final withdrawal application before at least two months before the date of retirement of the Government Servants.
  • Applications received with column 17 not certified, subscriber/ family member not signed , DDO /HOD not signed / countersigned.
  • Non enclosure of death certificate , family member certificate , guardianship certificate in case of minor beneficiary.
  • In sub - judice cases , where the Legal authority has directed for non payment of GPF amounts .