Administration Group

The Group is dealing with administrative matters relating to Recruitment, Promotions, Postings, Bills, and Trainings, Procurement of goods and services and disposal of RTI applications.


The sections in Administration Group are Administration I, Administration II, Training, Bills, OE, PAO(A), Vigilance Cell, RajbhashaAnubhagh in addition to Legal Officer who looks after Court cases and RTI cases.

Admn-I section deals with Recruitments, Promotions, Maintenance of Staff Position, Postings, Deputations, deployment of staff on deputation basis to O/o AG(A&E), AP etc.

Admn.II Section deals with Conducting Departmental Examinations, Settlement of Pension and other retirement benefits to retired employees, Settlement of FW cases and sanction of PFW/TA and other short term advances. Furnishing of material for review under FR 56(i), Annual immovable property returns of Group A and Group B officers, HBA and related work, Issuing permissions to staff members for various purposes under CCS(Conduct)Rules, issue of NOC for obtaining private passports and Verification of qualifying service.


Bills-I section deals with

  • Seeking budget for entire office, preparation of RE/BE, reconciliation of monthly expenditure with that of PAO(A) figures, forwarding of monthly review of expenditure,quarterly report and final ROE to Headquarters office
  • Scrutiny of CEA/Medical claims of all cadres and drawal of bills related thereto.
  • Furnishing consolidated Returns/Reports of two bills sections to Headquarters Office/Ministry of Finance/Administration.
  • Maintenance of service books pertaining to SAOs/AOs/DMs/AAOs/AAOs(Ad-hoc)/Sr.PS/MTS/AGODC Staff and preparation &drawal of Pay bills and supplementary Pay bills in respect of above mentioned categories of employees.
  • Uploading of quarterly deductions of Income Tax in IT portal through TIN centre, preparation of honorarium bills, watching court attachments
  • Cash section under the control of SAO (Bills) is attached to Bills-I section.

Bills-II section deals with

  • Maintenance of service books pertaining to : Supervisors/Sr.Accountants/Stenos/Accountants/DEOs/Clerks/Record Keepersand preparation and drawal of Pay bills and supplementary Pay bills in respect of above mentioned categories of employees.
  • Scrutiny of TA/LTC claims of all cadres and drawal of bills related thereto.

Vigilance Cell

Vigilance Cell deals with all the Disciplinary cases against delinquent employees working in the O/o Accountant General (A & E), Telangana and matters relating to all the three Service Associations, recognized by Accountant General (A & E).

OE Branch

Office Establishment Branch of this office consists of four sections, which are mainly responsible for security services of the entire office building, procurement and issue of various items, Receipt and dispatch of DAK, maintenance of old records etc.

1. OE-I - Work relating to Security arrangements, procurement of machinery, stationery items, forms, misc items and issues to the sections. Correspondence with CPWD (civil) and (Electrical) for repairs and execution of minor works.

2. OE-II - Work relating to receipt of inward DAK through post and local messengers which are then forwarded to respective sections.

3. OE-III - Work relating to dispatch of office letters by post and distribution of local tapals by special messenger etc.,

4. OE-IV - Work relating preservation and management of old records.


There are three sections and the functions of these sections are to process the claims pertaining to Officers and Staff of O/o AG(A&E), O/o AG(Audit), DGA(Central).

PAO(A)-1- Deals with Paybills, supplementary pay bills, LTC and TA advances, detailed LTC and TA claims, CELS claims and leave encashment while availing LTC claims.

PAO(A)-2- Deals withmaintenance of GPF, NPS and loans and advance claims. Compilation of accounts, medical, contingent, CGEGIS claims, PLI suspense and LSC and PC contributions.

PAO(A)-3- Deals with service pension, family pension, gratuity and CVP claims.