A temporary advance is granted to a subscriber from the amount standing to his credit in the Fund by the departmental officers for specified purposes. The amount of advance sanctioned shall not exceed 3 months pay or half the amount at the credit of the subscriber in the Fund, whichever is less subject to the following conditions. Temporary advance is to be applied in the form prescribed.

Purposes for drawal of Temporary Advance

To meet expenses in connection with the prolonged illness of the subscriber or any person actually dependant on him;

To pay for the overseas passage for reasons of health or education, or to meet the cost of higher education of the subscriber or any person actually dependant on him;

To pay obligatory expenses in connection with his betrothal and/or marriage, funerals or other ceremonies of persons actually dependant on him.

To meet the cost of legal proceedings instituted by the subscriber for vindicating his position in regard to any allegations made against him in respect of any act done or purporting to be done by him in the discharge of his official duty.

To meet the cost of building or acquiring a suitable house for his residence.

To meet the cost of acquiring a farm land and / or business premises within 6 months of the date of the subscriber’s retirement.

To meet the cost of purchasing a motor-car.

Recovery of Temporary Advance

  • The advances are recoverable from the subscriber in such number of equal monthly installments as the sanctioning authority may direct, but such number shall not be less than 12 , unless the subscriber so elects, and not more than 24. In special cases where the amount of advance exceeds 3 months’ pay, the number of installments can be more than 24, but in no case more than 36.
  • When there is an advance running and a second advance is sanctioned, the balance of the previous advance not recovered shall be added to the advance so sanctioned and the subsequent installments for recovery of advances shall be fixed with reference to the consolidated amount.
  • The recovery shall commence with the issue of pay for the month following the month in which the advance was drawn.
  • A subscriber may, at his option, repay more than one installment in a month
  • Recoveries towards refund of Temporary Advances shall not be affected during the last four months of service of subscriber

Imp: Subscriber should ensure that the TA amount drawn is debited to his account in the GPF Slip in the year in which it was drawn. If not, the matter should be brought to the notice of the PAG immediately.